Welcome!  The Stiletto Farmer explores a fresh, modern, creative, and entertaining view to the world of farming, organic foods and natural products.  This is a one-stop-shop… a centralized resource to educate and bring awareness to a wide range of interesting, inspiring and unique topics all relating to the natural, beautiful world we live in.

By all definitions, our environment (no matter how different) continues to evolve.  As a result, a sustainable more Urban-conscious approach to what we eat, grow, wear, breath, etc. is a must.  The Stiletto Farmer is a chronicled journey of a lifestyle.  Get informed and become aware of how to squeeze in sustainable practices into an everyday, hectic world – for the purpose of enhancing and upgrading quality of life.  Most of us go to Trader Joe’s or shop at Whole Foods in support of a healthy lifestyle.  That’s wonderful – but we can do more.  Even if the next step is a potted plant in the office corner… that’s a realistic step in the right direction.

Who is The Stiletto Farmer?  She’s vibrant, colorful, outgoing and modern.  She works hard … finds purpose and pride in her (demanding) professional life, but loves to let loose and ‘smell the roses’ at every moment possible.  Whether it’s on a farm, behind the wheel of a tractor or adding to her collection of Stilettos – she’s finding herself … creating a lifestyle that’s meaningful, sustainable, environment-friendly and health-conscious.

Join me on the journey.  The Stiletto Farmer.